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2007-08-30 23:23:45 by uyersuyer

Uh. Hi, I'm Robert. I like to d00dle. Most of the time, though, I'm an ActionScripter, mostly because I'm not reliably good at drawing and I can't animate for shit. You'll usually catch me in General (lurking), Flash, or the Art forum.

See ya there. :D


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2007-09-04 02:11:09

doodles you say?
post em up at: 58081

uyersuyer responds:

I'm not a "student" for another 2 weeks, though. :D


2007-09-06 09:55:49

D00dles are hard >:(. I can try stick men though. YAY!

uyersuyer responds:

Stick men: Like drawing, except lazy people can do it too.


2007-09-10 20:26:25

i'm smico, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SMICO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is my catchphrase and might just see it graffitied around here.................................

uyersuyer responds:

I wasn't aware you could graffiti websites. Nice of you to let me know.