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Entry #3

Workin' on a new game.

2008-10-31 07:51:14 by uyersuyer

Don't want to reveal too much about it, since it's still pretty unfinished, but I've started on a few of the core gameplay mechanics and once I get something a little more playable (somethin' along the lines of a demo) I'll be posting it both here and in the Flash forum. Hopefully I'll garner some attention from artists that aren't me, because my art blows chunks. But for now, you'll just have to make due with this screenshot.

Workin' on a new game.


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2008-11-12 00:41:35

You need an artist? I need something to do.


2008-11-18 06:03:55

work faster, i want to play it :[


2009-03-10 06:29:12

Yeah come on, hurry up.



You're never on MSN anymore :(