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You know, MSPaint isn't that bad.

2007-09-12 22:43:20 by uyersuyer

I don't get why MSPaint gets such a bad rep, honestly. I mean, other than the fact that a million faggots don't take their time with it and produce mass amounts of shit. If you really work at it, you can get some solid drawings out of MSPaint. Whatever. Some things are just doomed to a bad rep no matter how hard they try. :/

You know, MSPaint isn't that bad.


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2007-09-18 00:17:39



2007-09-18 23:50:17

Well, tbh, it's simply not a good choice to be making works with. As a free digital art program, yes, it CAN get the job done with the right person. But really, why put up with it when there are much better, easier to work with programs also available?

^Not bashing, just saying. =P


2007-09-22 11:04:59

True but others programs offer you toher tools that you can have here. But when I didn't have another program that do pratically the same shit as photoshop, I used paint.... I was very proud of the arts I've done in there.

See ya



2007-10-01 22:24:00

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2007-10-11 13:07:12

that sucks, imagine how much better it would be if you used a decent program.

uyersuyer responds:

Yeah, but it's really fun to limit yourself sometimes and it really improves your skill level once you go back to using regular programs.


2007-10-21 19:42:45

It's like comparing a N64 to a Wii.

Get it?


2007-10-25 14:00:43

like your shitty drawings lOL!!


2007-11-12 17:32:15

if u do this good with mspaint ur good


2007-11-29 21:38:44

cool, you drew yoshi that good using mspaint? wow


2008-01-11 12:00:16

Sorry, but once you've drawn in CS2 or Flash or..... well.... anything else you realize that MSPaint really IS horrid.

I don't flame it or anything, just not a good program....

uyersuyer responds:

I -have- drawn in both programs. Yes, MSPaint is shit, but I don't see the fun in having so many features. It's like having the program do all the work for you. MSPaint is just the bare essentials. I guess what I really like about it is that it's jus paper on the computer; I can't draw well on real paper (much better with a mouse), so I like simulating it.